Sat atop a hill in the capital of Iowa, Des Moines, and offering spectacular views across West Capital Terrace and the city’s downtown area.

The capitols East 9 th Street and Grand Avenue location makes for easy access from the city centre. Its setting is unashamedly grand; surrounded by lush greenery and mature trees on its 17 acre estate. However, it hasn’t always enjoyed its privileged location. The capitol building was once situated further East from its current location but, a short time after Iowa achieved statehood, it was decided that the building would need to be based closer to the Des Moines river.

Because of it’s location and stature, the Iowa State Capitol Building is frequently chosen as a venue for state events. The World Food Prize, for example, has been based here annually in October every year since 1987 and draws quite the crowd- over 800 people from 75 countries attend. Following the prize giving, a grand awards dinner takes place in the buildings expansive rotunda.